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Protected: Inform Scotland 2019 Merchandise Competition!!!

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Ofcom not concerned that BBC cut relevant section from Sturgeon interview

.... “Regulatory oversight should pass wholly to Ofcom, which is already the public service regulator for the UK’s broadcasting industry and has the ability to look at the BBC in the context of the market as a whole. Ofcom would be a strong ...

BBC Performance Tracker

Pilot project to monitor BBC Scotland political output

.... There has been no concerted effort to monitor BBC Scotland political output. The corporation has trundled along much as it did prior to and throughout the independence referendum. But the Yes movement is about to hit back. Last week an ...


Indy supporters – please help fund a new anti-BBC-bias campaign!

Inform Scotland has been working with GA Ponsonby over at Indyref2.scot on a new anti BBC bias campaign. Here is the link for the fund-raiser for the pilot project. This appeal will allow the setting up of a month-long 'proof of concept' that ...

orange marches

BBC proudly cover bigoted Orange parades but not 20,000-strong Yes march in Glasgow

All the BBC could see was a family-friendly day out.  Wings over Scotland tells the real story .... We’re not often genuinely shocked, readers. But then we switched on BBC1 Northern Ireland today. And what we found was the state ...