Alex Salmond: “Widespread scepticism in Scotland about the BBC’s claim of impartiality”

Alex SalmondSo it’s been extremely enlightening to be privy to the exchanges between Alex Salmond and the BBC Company Secretary, Phil Harrold, after the ex-FM wrote to the Director General about the censorship of pro-independence websites including ourselves earlier this month. These key extracts are shared with permission.

“… it might help clear all of this up if you could tell me when the “elected official exemption” actually came into being and to see a list of which other channels the BBC has issued takedown notices for on political content in, say, the last 12 months.

I do hope you do not find these queries tiresome but rather appreciate that there is widespread scepticism in Scotland about the BBC’s claim of impartiality on the question of Scottish independence.

Yours for Scotland,

Rt Hon Alex Salmond”

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Alex Salmond
Source :  Wings Over Scotland
Author :  Rev. Stuart Campbell
Image Source :  Pixabay, Pixabay,
Wikimedia b
y Harris Morgan (CC BY 2.0)
(B&W/ poster edges)

Publication Date :  Aug 23, 2018

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