The anti-Sturgeon interview and conflict of interest – a BBC Scotland complaint

anti-Sturgeon interviewThe following complaint relates to an interview and subsequent news bulletins broadcast on Radio Scotland on July 15th. anti-Sturgeon interview
… The first part of this complaint relates to the interview itself or more precisely the interviewer.  Although Ms Taylor’s links to Prof. Kerr’s 2005 report were mentioned, they were not explored in depth or scrutinised – nor where her own views on the thirteen year old report.

Ms Taylor assisted the National Framework Advisory Group chaired by Prof. Kerr, facilitating local meetings and helping with newsletters as part of its communications team.  There was thus a very clear conflict of interest in allowing Ms Taylor to interview Prof. Kerr on a report and process both were involved in.

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anti-Sturgeon interview, anti-Sturgeon interview
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Publication Date :  Jul 22
, 2018

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