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On Inform Scotland we have linked to many authors writing about BBC bias on Scottish independence and related themes. This does not imply that they all support our billboard campaign - some do, some don't.







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BBC bias on Scottish Independence

bbc bias on scottish independenceWe have linked this site to many authors who write about BBC bias on Scottish Independence.  They correct the BBC on clear points of fact in the above, and many other areas.  They highlight the ongoing pernicious bias of BBC Scotland rather than fairly reporting news and current affairs.  This does not imply that all these authors support our poster campaign – some do and some don’t. But all write on the subject of BBC bias on Scottish Independence.

Professor John Robertson is supporting our campaign.  We asked John to do media interviews for us.  John said:

They feed us lies about imaginary crises in NHS Scotland and hide evidence that it consistently out-performs NHS England. They hammer and exaggerate repeatedly reports of economic decline and hide the evidence of a genuinely promising future. They trumpet and repeat any perceived or imagined flaws in SNP politicians and hide those of the Unionist parties. BBC Scotland News shamelessly serves the interests of its London masters and treats the Scottish audience, which pays for it, with utter contempt.” It is clear from Professor Robertson’s writings that BBC bias on Scottish Independence pervades all levels of the BBC in Scotland.

Author, GA Ponsonby who also writes on BBC bias on Scottish Independence, is supporting our campaign.  He says:

BBC Scotland is not a devolved institution.  The BBC never evolved in line with Scotland  and  thus  it  remains  firmly  stuck  in  the  past  where  London  rules.Like most of Scotland’s media, it’s IN Scotland but not OF Scotland.  It  does not reflect the views of Scotland but instead lectures Scotland. The BBC is an institution that cannot change in order to meet the needs of Scots, but one that tries to force Scots to adapt to the needs of the British state.This is why BBC Scotland manipulates news.  It isn’t informing the Scottish public, rather it is trying to influence us.”

We created as a bridge for people who have little awareness of the existence of an alternative narrative to what they regularly hear on BBC Scotland or read in the so-called ‘Main Stream Media’. We want them to help them cross the bridge and understand the BBC bias on Scottish Independence and see for themselves what’s really going on.

We hope you will find your way to an alternative media where truth is king and where media distortion is exposed and where people become wise to how they were being manipulated via BBC bias on Scottish Independence.