Baby boxes sidelined by BBC, focus shifted to Salmond’s ‘sexist’ joke in order to smear SNP

baby boxesThe Scottish government rolled out baby boxes yesterday [Tuesday]. The boxes contain essentials for new mums.

The box itself can be used as a cot for new born babies whose mothers, for whatever reason, may not have a proper sleeping place for their newborn.

What’s not to like? Well if you watched Reporting Scotland two weeks ago then you would have been forgiven for believing the boxes were in fact death traps designed by King Herod. The melodramatic, and arguably irresponsible, news report was prompted by comments from an English based charity, The Lullaby Trust.

The programme was following a bizarre narrative that has emerged from god knows where, that is seeking to portray the initiative in as negative a light as possible.

Fast forward to Tuesday’s official roll-out and I wondered how the same programme would report on the initiative. Would they drop the negativity and give the birth of Scotland’s Baby boxes the welcome the idea deserves?

The good news was that the negativity was gone. The bad news was so was everything else. Baby boxes merited a total of twenty seconds mention on the flagship national news programme.

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Original Publication Date :  Aug 16, 2017
Article Link :  Baby Box versus The Joke
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