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bbc bias

BBC Bias

On Saturday the anti-SNP story was provided by a Scottish Labour press release.  It led the news on Radio Scotland on Saturday morning and was the number one item on that evening’s Reporting Scotland.

Over two minutes allotted to this bland Scottish Labour press release – 2 minutes 19 seconds to be precise.  It’s the number one national news item.  Quite a bit of resource has been earmarked with impressive graphics.  Finance Secretary John Swinney has been sought and is shown addressing the claim.

Contrast this with the way Reporting Scotland reported a bitter internal row involving Labour MP Ian Murray and a trade Union.  The clip below is from Friday evening.  It lasts 26 seconds.  It was the sixth item on the programme.

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Oct 15, 2017
Article Link :  Sunday was Sillars day on BBC Scotland
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