BBC bias in Scotland’s local council elections is simply astounding

bbc bias

Editor’s note:  BBC bias is something we are all accustomed to, but since last week’s local council elections in Scotland the dishonesty and arrogance is utterly astounding.  It has long been asserted that the BBC is simply a propaganda machine used to broadcast information that protects the interests of the British state, but with their complete disregard for the statistical facts in last week’s election, perhaps we can postulate that the word ‘propaganda’ is a vast understatement.  Let us know if you can think of any more appropriate phrases to describe the BBC.

The BBC has just published an article explaining its controversial claim that the SNP actually lost seats at last week’s council elections, despite going from 425 to 431. The analysis was carried out by Prof. David Denver of Lancaster University, and we’d asked him about it yesterday.

He’d very kindly sent us a copy of the same article he’d sent the Beeb. We attach it below. We’ve highlighted in bold the only bits that didn’t make it into the BBC piece ….

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Author :  Rev. Stuart Campbell
Source :  Wings Over Scotland
Original Publication Date :  May 9, 2017
Article Link :  A little more certainty
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