Youtube censorship shows that BBC are losing the information war against Scottish Independence media

bbc biasThe Youtube shutdown of both the Wings Over Scotland and MoriduraAlt channels has sparked outrage across the Scottish independence movement. BBC Bias, BBC Bias

While both Stuart Campbell (Wings Over Scotland) and Peter Curran (MoriduraAlt) assert that they have abided by all Youtube rules concerning copyright, their channels were nonetheless removed.  Curran states:

“I’m in #Catch22 over #BBCcopyright_strikes on my YT channel. Since I can’t access my channel, I can’t verify or dispute the accuracy of the alleged breaches. To my knowledge and belief, I acted within the rules on all notifications from Google, never monetized, disabled embedding.”

bbc bias

Stuart Campbell notes:

“Our videos are all in full compliance with fair-use laws. You are absolutely allowed to record and reproduce clips for news-reporting and discussion purposes.

So we, and you, can only speculate as to why the BBC wants to close down pro-independence sites hosting clips of Unionist politicians – and the BBC itself – saying incriminating or embarrassing things.”

The BBC’s assertion that there has been an infringement of their copyright would seem somewhat dubious as Craig Murray points out:

“Excerpts of copyright material may be published for purposes of “criticism, review or quotation” provided the source is acknowledged. As Wings would only use BBC material for review and criticism – they are hardly repeating it as great news reporting – the BBC’s copyright infringement claim is at best very dubious.

More to the point, this despicable infringement on freedom of speech is appalling behaviour for a state broadcaster. Removal of criticism is the BBC’s only purpose here. The BBC is not protecting a state asset – the old news clips in question have zero commercial value; Wings was not republishing episodes of Dr Who.”

It is noteworthy that the BBC has been careful to state that this incident is entirely based on copyright infringement, and not political in nature:

“We act irrespective of the political views of the infringing YouTube channels and have taken action against the use of our material by individuals or organisations from across the political spectrum.”

Given the fact that Wings Over Scotland has a monthly readership ranging in the hundreds of thousands, while public trust in the BBC is at an all time low, it may be logical to assume that this incident is indeed political on the part of the BBC, who now see Wings Over Scotland as a formidable rival.  Furthermore, the fact that BBC recently went to the trouble of interviewing Stuart Campbell is a testament to his website’s sizeable influence over the political discourse in Scotland. BBC Bias

Since the 2014 Scottish independence referendum (where many feel a NO vote was secured due to the BBC’s incessant anti-independence propaganda) there has been a huge awakening across Scotland as to the biased nature of BBC’s reporting – or more accurately – misreporting of Scottish news.

The Scottish people are more aware than ever that the BBC’s modus operandi is to portray the SNP and all Scottish institutions in a negative light.  The idea that Scotland could ever operate as a sovereign, independent country in charge of it’s own affairs is belittled on a daily basis through the BBC’s relentless propaganda machine.  Positive information is routinely omitted, while anything remotely negative (and therefore damaging to the SNP) is cherry-picked and promoted.

The good news is that the BBC’s bias is now as clear as day.  With this latest censorship stunt the Westminster media monster has come crawling out of the shadows and revealed itself for all to see.  But as Indyref2 have pointed out – this tactic might just backfire on the discredited state broadcaster:

“If the BBC doesn’t act quickly, this Youtube blunder could have massive repercussions for them in Scotland. Donalda MacKinnon should be phoning her bosses in London pleading with them to sort this out. The mood against the BBC is hardening … fast.”

bbc biasThere has been outrage over this bombastic Youtube ban and rightly so, but perhaps we should recognise the significance of this event.  If the BBC have resorted to censoring their political rivals then it is clear that they are in full panic mode.  They have lost the trust of the Scottish public.  And with independent media sites like Wings Over Scotland biting at their heels, this frivolous act of censorship is like the baby throwing it’s toys out out of the proverbial pram.  This is nothing short of an admission by the BBC – that they can no longer compete on a level playing field against an independent media who are consistently exposing the corporation’s thinly-veiled bias against Scottish independence. BBC Bias, BBC Bias

Journalist, Jason Michael, couldn’t have put it any better:

“Excellent news! By resorting to censorship the BBC has effectively conceded it’s losing the information war. The union is on the run.”

bbc biasBBC Bias, BBC Bias, BBC Bias 
Source :  Inform Scotland

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