“The likes of the BBC…. are so biased against the SNP”

In Phantom Power’s latest ‘Journey To Yes’ video, another man highlights the fact that the BBC are completely biased against the SNP –

“The likes of the BBC and even some of our Scottish papers are so biased against the SNP that you have no idea who to believe…. why can’t they just tell the truth?”

James is a pensioner and former paratrooper who lives in Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire. James voted No to independence and leave in the EU referendum but has completely changed his views on both. James discusses his disillusion with the UK Govt and their inept handling of constitutional issues, a famous relation and deeply unimpressive Scottish Tories and Labour.

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Source :  Phantom Power
Original Publication Date :  May 27, 2017
Archive Link :  Archive.is
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