BBC infers Catalonia referendum not legitimate because of poor turnout

Catalonia Referendum

The Catalonia Referendum and BBC’s spin on it

…. Two things to say about the BBC reporting.  Firstly, turnout for the referendum was not 42%, it was nearer 57% according to initial estimates.  The reason for the drop was that Spanish police seized ballots.  They stole around a quarter of the votes.  To achieve 57% in the face of such police brutality and while some polling stations were sealed off, is incredible.

Secondly, a 68% majority on a turnout of 42% was deemed acceptable when the UK Government held the ‘Alternative Vote’ referendum in 2011.  If it’s OK when people are being encouraged to vote then it’s OK when people are being beaten in an attempt at preventing them from voting.

The indications are that official figures will show Catalans voted by over 90% for independence.  It’s likely that this result would have been replicated had the stolen votes been counted as well.  Extrapolating these results and it’s clear that even with a turnout approaching 80%, the pro-independence vote would win ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Oct 04, 2017
Article Link :  We have to stand beside the Catalans if they declare independence
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Image Source :  Catalonia is not Spain by SBA73 on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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