A BBC Complaint – Alex Salmond sexual harassment allegations: David Clegg on Newsnight

Alex Salmond sexual harassmentComplaint submitted on August 29th

I write to complain of bias in tonight’s BBC Two Newsnight programme on the resignation of Alex Salmond. There were two interviews in this programme. The first was a factual statement of background events by your correspondent David Grossman, and the second was a highly coloured rhetorical piece by David Clegg claiming that Salmond’s resignation had split the SNP apart.

Where was the third piece, claiming that the resignation was a shrewd political act that takes he pressure of Nicola Sturgeon? You gave only one side of the story – that’s the first point I want to make.

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Alex Salmond sexual harassment, Alex Salmond sexual harassment
Source :  Indyref2.scot
Image Source :  Pixabay
Publication Date :  Aug 30, 2018

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