Good Morning Scotland criticised over Porton Down ‘news blackout’

Porton DownOn Wednesday, Good Morning Scotland faced a barrage of questions after its news bulletins ignored comments from Porton Down that appeared to call into question the honesty of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

…. One of those to question the flagship morning news programme’s news selection was Lesley Riddoch.  In a tweet on Wednesday morning the writer and broadcaster asked why there was no coverage of the “front page news”.

Riddoch tweeted: “Boris said Porton Down ‘guy’ was certain Skripal nerve agent was fm Russia. Now Porton Down says it cant be certain. Of course Putin is still in frame. But this is front-page news b4 VIP meeting in The Hague. So why no BBC News coverage today? @BBCGaryR”

…. Journalist Paul Snowdon tweeted: “I have been a newspaper journalist for almost 30 years. And I recognise where certain agendas are being followed. And some people might not like to hear it but the #BBCNews is absolutely following one now. Anyone who can’t see it is either deluded or agrees with it.”

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Image source :  Pixabay & Pixabay
Publication Date :  Apr 5, 2018

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