How Reporting Scotland is damaging the mental and physical health of many Scots in the interests of Unionism

BBCby Talking-Up Scotland  |  15 Feb 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

As always, I feel the need to head off accusations of conspiracy theory and of consequent paranoia.

I’m suggesting rather that those who work in the news section of BBC Scotland, know, often unconsciously and running in the grooves of a long-established culture of behavioural and cognitive habits, what to report and how to report it, such that the overall coverage works toward reinforcing often imaginary benefits of the Union and equally imaginary risks in independence. So, we get repeated cases of individual health or personal security trauma rather than the more meaningful wider trends because the former produces, over years, a brain architecture where constitutional change seem dangerous while the latter might make the status quo seem so.

… We can implicate BBC News in feeding this sense of threat in its broadcasts because we know that its audience tends to be older and thus more isolated and vulnerable with the former broadcasts playing a large part in construction reality for them.

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