BBC Scotland denies its Scots Govt “under pressure” claim was biased

biasedBBC Scotland has denied being biased against the Scottish government after several of its reporters claimed Nicola Sturgeon’s administration was “under pressure” over the Power Grab row.

In a response to a complaint submitted last week, a BBC official insisted the reports were justified and added that the SNP led administration had been left “isolated” after the Welsh government agreed a deal.

The complaint followed several broadcasts on BBC Scotland after the Labour run administration in Wales agreed to accept UK government proposals over devolved powers returning from Brussels.  The deal allows London to take control over some devolved areas for uo to seven years.

However, unlike its Welsh counterpart, the Scottish government stood firm and rejected the UK government proposal.  Following news of the Welsh deal BBC Scotland rannews bulletins throughout the day which characterised the Scottish government stance as “under pressure”.

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Image source :  Pixabay (CC0)
Publication Date :  May 6, 2018

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