BBC Director General admits problem with ‘impartiality’, while BBC Scotland won’t

BBC Director Generalby Talking-Up Scotland  |  30 Mar 2019  |  Image :  Pixabay

In his piece in the Guardian on 28th March 2019, BBC Director General, Tony Hall, made no reference to Scotland. Given his awareness of the heated debate on BBC bias against independence in Scotland, during and since the referendum, this is interesting.

Driven by accusations of impartiality in reporting of Brexit and, in particular, imbalance in the level of exposure offered to ‘charismatic’ Leave figures such as Farage, Rees-Mogg and Johnson, Hall clearly felt the need to respond. Here’s an extract:

‘The BBC director general has admitted that the corporation’s reputation as a provider of impartial news has taken a hit in recent years, while insisting the corporation is committed to giving coverage to all sides of controversial debates…The impartiality of the corporation’s news output has come under attack from all sides in recent years, especially following the Brexit referendum. It has been at the focus of discussions over whether the national broadcaster should be giving airtime to individuals who represent extreme views in the name of balance.

Does ‘all sides’ include us?

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