More BBC early morning nightmares!!! Don’t travel! Don’t eat anything! Don’t think anything! Don’t speak to members of the other sex!

BBCUp early today? 06:26 am and still a bit fragile? Good. Here we go after a nice wee ‘Hallo’ and ‘Good Morning’:

  1. Figures obtained by the BBC (no, really?) suggest about 8% of meat tested in Scotland last year was found to contain the DNA of animals not listed on the labelling – illegal, kebabs, pizza toppingsDNA? Nooo!! Ham instead of chicken! E.coli? No? BSE? Salmonella? Scrapie? Thrichinosis (from pork)? None of these just ham instead of chicken? OK. Should we have a hard border?
  2. charity (you can always trust charities) is warning that Scotland is facing a child mental health crisis! The Mental Health Foundation is calling for greater awareness in schools. Could the increase in coming forward and reporting be a good thing, a sign of a more aware, open and tolerant society? No, doesn’t fit this morning’s horror theme?

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Source :  Talking-Up Scotland
Author :  Professor John Robertson

Image Source :  Pixabay (CC0
Publication Date :  Oct 10, 2018

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