BBC is directly funding Scottish newspapers. Pro or anti independence?


Editor’s note:  The BBC are directly funding newspapers throughout the UK by helping them to hire more reporters, whom they refer to as “local democracy reporters”.  The majority of the reporters hired are in Scotland, and the majority of newspapers in Scotland are anti-independence.  So is it really about democracy?  Or is it about the efficient dissemination of anti-independence propaganda? 

…. A total of 58 news organisations in England, Scotland and Wales have successfully bid for the new staff, who they must now set about recruiting with a view to having them on staff in the next few months.

The news organisations will receive funding from the BBC to cover employment costs of the reporters.

By regional breakdown, Scotland has been awarded the most local democracy reporters followed by the North West at 21 and 19 respectively.

David Holdsworth, Controller of BBC English Regions, said: “This is a major advance in the partnership which will significantly improve the reporting on councils and public institutions, leading to greater public accountability for our local politicians.”

To be awarded the democracy reporter contracts, the 58 successful news organisations had to pass “stringent criteria” which included “financial stability and a strong track record of relevant journalism in the area they were applying to cover” said the BBC.

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Source :  Press Gazette
Image source :  Pixabay
Publication Date :  Dec 7, 2017

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