BBC guidelines on accuracy breached in Jenny Marra £300K payoff claim

BBC guidelines on accuracy… No source was ever identified nor sought.  Ms Marra herself is not the source and cannot be considered the source.  Her only input was to tell the BBC that she understood over £300,000 had been paid to Lesley McLay.  Yet no attempt is ever made to seek the source of this understanding.  The possibility cannot be discounted that there never was any credible source for Ms Marra’s ‘understanding’ and that BBC Scotland knew there was no source.

This places BBC Scotland in breach of the BBC guidelines on accuracy.  It simply didn’t apply any scrutiny to Jenny Marra’s ‘understanding’.  Even when unambiguosly told the £300,000 figure was false, the corporation continued its same narrative.

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BBC guidelines on accuracy, BBC guidelines on accuracy
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Image Source :  Pixabay
Publication Date :  Aug 12
, 2018

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