BBC journalists were out to prove Yes vote was ‘foolish’ during indyref

indyrefby The National  |  19th Mar 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

THE BBC has been plunged into a major crisis over anti-independence bias after the man who led its indyref coverage admitted that some of its journalists thought it was their job to prove the Yes campaign was “foolish”.

The revelation by veteran broadcaster Allan Little that London-based journalists were working to the assumption that the Yes side was “wrong” has blown away the BBC’s attempts to defend its much-criticised coverage of the 2014 indyref as fair. The editor of the new news programme The Nine recently said she would defend the broadcaster’s coverage to her “dying day”.

But Little told a new documentary that some of his colleagues thought “that our responsibility was to produce a series of pieces to demonstrate how foolish it would be to vote Yes”.

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