BBC Newsnight – Doctor says NHS is “the last bastion of communism”

BBC Newsnight

BBC also wheels on ‘experts’ in England without highlighting their vested interests

Editor’s note : We see this sort of behavior all the time on BBC Scotland when they are manufacturing ‘BAAD’ stories.  But if the BBC help damage the NHS in England, it will have a serious impact on Scotland through the ‘Barnett Consequentials’. At least until we are Independent.

Last night, BBC Newsnight featured a segment on the NHS in which cancer specialist Dr Karol Sikora called the health service “the last bastion of communism”. While dissenting views on the NHS are fine, it is important to know the financial interests and background of the speaker. Sikora has financial interests in privatising the NHS, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The NHS attack on BBC Newsnight

The NHS segment opens with Sikora introduced only by name. There is no mention of his experience, or interests. He launches into the standard argument for privatising the NHS. He claims that while it was a laudable idea, it has become a “religion”. That is now unsustainable and needs to be challenged.

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Author :  Kerry-anne Mendoza
Source :  The Canary
Original Publication Date :  Feb 22, 2017
Article Link :  We need to talk about what happened on BBC Newsnight last night ….
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