BBC’s Nick Eardley hits out after being accused of playing down opposition ‘Power Grab’ backing for SNP

Power GrabNick Eardley attracted scorn when, following news that three out of Holyrood’s four opposition party leaders announced they backed Nicola Sturgeon’s Power Grab stance, he posted a tweet apparently downplaying the news.

Eardley reported: “Scottish Government gets some backing over Brexit powers stalemate”

The reporter was immediately taken to task by users of social media who took issue with what they believed was his attempt to play down the significance of the news.  Many asked why he had chosen to phrase his tweet in such a benign fashion.

One person tweeted: “For goodness sake Nick, “some” backing?!? So, the Geens, Labour & the Lib Dems backing the @scotgov is merely “some”? … really?? The backing is clearly ‘overwhelming’! What is it with you @BBCScotlandNews reporters & journalist neutrality & integrity?”

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Image source :  Pixabay (CC0), Pixabay (CC0)
Publication Date :  May 1, 2018

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