BBC plays the ‘Nationalist’ game again


Editors Note:  We are looking for volunteers to make a formal complaint to the BBC over the following article. Gratuitously conflating moderate social democratic middle of the road Nationalism with Nazi or far right groups.

The BBC would never do this to UKIP or far-right Brexiter English Tories.

Inform Scotland’s committee is currently maxed out steering other complaints through the 1st and second stage BBC complaints process so we can bring a substantial case to Ofcom.

Can we call on our supporters to make complaints about this one?  You can find the link to the article below.  Also, you may find the following articles on the BBC / Ofcom complaints process useful – Article 1, Article 2.

Back in August I highlighted the way the word ‘Nationalist’ was casually used by the BBC in order to describe racist, fascist and borderline Nazi groups.  The article was prompted by reports from the USA which covered a rally by White Supremacists.  The rally featured on many news reports across the BBC.  Surprisingly, given this was an international story, it made it onto BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme.

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Sep 27, 2017
Article Link :  BBC plays the ‘Nationalist’ game again
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Image Source :  Pixabay
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