As Alan Knight predicted – BBC promotes P1 assessment stunt without highlighting Ruth Davidson’s chicanery

Ruth DavidsonIn an article exactly one week ago I predicted that our main stream media machine was going to promote a scam attack on the SNP.  The attack would centre on Primary One standardised assessments.  At the centre of the scam would be Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tories.

Below is a short extract from my article.

… the Scottish Conservatives are going to vote against national standardised tests for primary 1 pupils.  A policy they themselves called for.  A policy Ruth Davidson boasted of having called for.

.. For this attack to succeed requires … the media to refuse to cover this act of political corruption. In short, it requires a marriage of political corruption with media corruption.

The attack is indeed underway and BBC Scotland is, as I predicted, in the vanguard.

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Ruth Davidson, Ruth Davidson
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Image Source :  Ruth Davidson MSP /
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Publication Date :  Sep 17, 2018

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