BBC propaganda machine has limitless money, but underdog Independence Media can still win!

BBC PropagandaWe are getting closer to the point at which our alternative can deliver a death blow to the hegemonic unionist narrative, and they know this. BBC Propaganda

It is because of the challenge we pose them that they have taken the next step. On the flimsy grounds of a copyright infraction – a few seconds of BBC footage featuringWings Over Scotland author Stu Campbell – the BBC asked YouTube to close down Wings’ account. Forget free speech and intellectual freedom – YouTube complied with the BBC and closed Wings’ account on its platform, highlighting how vulnerable we are to the might of the media giants when they flex their muscles. If this can happen toWings Over Scotland, the largest pro-independence site we have in the movement, this can happen to all of us. They can silence us on a whim. Think about that.

Our only chance of winning this media war is our will and ability to keep going. No matter the cost, we have to keep this media alive and growing.

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BBC Propaganda, BBC Propaganda
Author :  Jason Michael
Source :  Random Public Journal
Publication Date :  Jul 30, 2018

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