BBC Question Time Complaint: Bias by Self-centredness

question-time-890x500BBC Question Time on Thursday 8th September at 9pm concentrated on the UK or British Labour Party Leadership debate. Please note the term ‘UK or British’. The UK or British Labour Party leader is in a position of authority over the party in Wales and in Scotland. The Labour Party in Wales or in Scotland is not in any way independent of the UK Labour Party so this debate was of equal relevance to viewers in Scotland and Wales as it was to those in England. Why then did the host announce proudly that the audience represented a balance of supporters of the Labour, Conservative, Liberal, Green and UKIP parties only, with no apparent representation of the SNP, the third-largest party at Westminster, or Plaid Cymru?  There is no Labour party in Northern Ireland ….

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Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Thought Control Scotland
Original Publication Date :  Sep 10, 2016
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