BBC Scotland reports ‘Hundreds told of partner’s abusive past’, but viewers not informed of wider context

Domestic Abuse in ScotlandOn the BBC early morning broadcasts and on the website, with tabloid imagery, today:

‘Nearly 1,600 people in Scotland have been told about the abusive past of their partners since the introduction of a new law in 2015. Police Scotland said that 3,500 people in total had made requests for information under the Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse in Scotland (DSDAS).’

How common are reports of domestic abuse in Scotland?

Domestic abuse in Scotland remains a national disgrace. I’m in no way wishing to understate the scale of the problem.

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Source :  Talking-Up Scotland
Author :  Professor John Robertson

Image Source :  Pixabay (CC0
Publication Date :  Oct 1, 2018

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