BBC Scotland peddles garbage on Alex Salmond to smear the SNP

Alex Salmondby  |  19.01.19 |  Image :  Wikimedia / Harris Morgan / (CC BY 2.0)

…. Listeners heard Iain Macwhirter of The Herald and David Clegg of the Daily Record attack the SNP with a stream of quite outlandish claims.

So bizarre were some of the claims being levelled by these so-called impartial journalists that we’ve decided to highlight them and respond to them…

Iain Macwhirter: “[The Salmond issue] certainly overlaps with this intense debate in the SNP now about the next independence referendum”

The Alex Salmond issue has nothing whatsoever to do with the debate over when to call the next independence referendum.  Both are completely separate issues.

Iain Macwhirter: “Of course this whole Alex Salmond business erupted in part because Alex Salmond was saying very publicly that he intended to return to active politics and help lead the next independence referendum.

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