BBC Scotland’s bias against Nicola Sturgeon and favor towards Ruth Davidson

BBC Scotland… Given that BBC Scotland is clearly prepared to pore over interviews given by the First Minister, it begs the question; why is a blind-eye being turned to Ruth Davidson?

Ruth Davidson has avoided any genuine scrutiny in this general election campaign.  On those rare moments she has been questioned, the Scottish Conservative leader has been allowed to say what she wants, without fear of being pursued or held to account.

On several key issues of this campaign Ruth Davidson has decided to tell an untruth.  What’s more, she has uttered her false claims on television and radio.  She has though faced no damaging headlines despite uttering a series of demonstrable falsehoods.

Why Davidson has not been pursued by the media is a question only those within that sector can answer.  What isn’t in doubt is that there has been a rather worrying lack of interest in holding Ruth Davidson to account ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  June 4, 2017
Article Link :  Ruth and Lies
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