A BBC Scotland complaint – Coverage of EU Withdrawal Bill

EU Withdrawal BillBelow is a complaint submitted on January 20th 2018 to the BBC Trust.  The complaint centres on the so-called ‘EU Withdrawal Bill’ issue and the curious coverage afforded the issue by BBC Scotland.

Good Morning Scotland, Broadcast 17th January

On January 17th two interviews were broadcast on BBC Scotland’s flagship morning radio programme Good Morning Scotland [GMS].  Both interviews were conducted by GMS presenter Gary Robertson.

The first interview was with Labour MP Lesley Laird.  The second interview was with SNP MP Stephen Gethins who was being interviewed alongside Tory MP John Lamont.  Both interviews dealt with a House of Commons vote that took place the previous evening.  The vote witnessed Scottish Conservative MPs refuse to support a Labour amendment that would have ensured the EU Withdrawal Bill would have respected the Scotland Act with regards to reserved versus devolved powers.

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Source :  Indyref2.scot
Publication Date :  Jan 20, 2018
Archive Link :  Archive.is
Image Source :  Pixabay

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