A BBC Scotland complaint – Ignoring Brexit Analysis

Brexit Analysis papersBelow is a complaint submitted to the BBC relating to the February 7th edition of Reporting Scotland.  The flagship news programme had ignored a story that broke earlier that day relating to the publication of Brexit Analysis papers and their conclusion relating to Scotland.

Complaint submitted on February 8th

On February 7th the House of Commons published a breakdown of the Brexit Analysis papers that had been leaked just over a week earlier.  The papers showed that Brexit would have a negative impact on Scottish growth.  The impact on Scotland was worse than the UK average.

The inclusion of a breakdown for Scotland called into question comments made by David Mundell on November 2nd when he gave evidence to a Holyrood Committee.  Mr Mundell said no such breakdown existed.

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Source :  Indyref2.scot
Publication Date :  Feb 8, 2018
Archive link :  Archive.is
Image source :  Pixabay

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