A BBC Scotland complaint: Jackie Bird – Scottish & UK GDP comparison

Jackie BirdThe following complaint relates to an edition of Reporting Scotland in which presenter Jackie Bird tells viewers that Scottish economic growth of 4% was the same as that of the UK for the same period. UK growth was in fact 2%.

… She said: “Growth in the Scottish economy was stronger at the start of this year than previously thought. Figures published today show that it roughly matched the growth rate of the UK as a whole.”

Jackie Bird made the claim hours after it emerged that readjustments to economic data for the first quarter of the year found Scotland’s GDP was 0.4% for the first quarter. This was double the corresponding UK figure of 0.2%, it did not “roughly match” that of the UK.

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Jackie Bird
Source :  Indyref2.scot
Image Source :  Pixabay
Publication Date :  Aug 19
, 2018

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