A BBC Scotland complaint: Reporting Scotland misled viewers

Reporting ScotlandComplaint submitted on July 16th.
Reporting Scotland,Reporting Scotland

On Reporting Scotland on Sunday July 8th, viewers watched a short clip of Michael Russell answering a question posed to him earlier that morning on Sunday Politics Scotland.  The Scottish Govt minister had been asked what would happen if a second EU referendum resulted in Scotland voting to remain but the rest of the UK voting to leave.

….  A clip of Labour MP Paul Sweeney was then shown.  Mr Sweeney was heard to say: “It’s utterly unacceptable, it’s a travesty of democracy to try and use people who want to remain in the European Union and in the United Kingdom’s votes as a proxy for independence.”

The problem is that Mr Sweeney was not responding to Michael Russell’s comments, he was in fact responding to a question posed by BBC presenter Gordon Brewer.

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Nicola Sturgeon, Nicola Sturgeon
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Publication Date :  Jul 16
, 2018

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