BBC Priorities: Ruth Davidson’s pregnancy is seemingly more important than the Power Grab issue

pregnantBelow is a complaint submitted to the BBC on Thursday April 28th.  The complaint relates to coverage on Reporting Scotland of the news that Ruth Davidson was pregnant and the lack of coverage of the Power Grab issue that featured during FMQ’s earlier that day.

Complaint in full

On Thursday April 26th First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood saw Ruth Davidson challenge the First Minister on the subject of devolved powers returning from Brussels and the refusal of the Scottish Govt to agree to temporary retainment of some of the powers by Westminster.

…. However the highly significant exchange was not deemed worthy of coverage on that evening’s edition of Reporting Scotland.  Instead the lead story was an item covering an announcement from Ruth Davidson that she was pregnant.  The item lasted just under four and a half minutes.

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Image source :  Pixabay (CC0)
Publication Date :  Apr 28, 2018

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