A BBC Scotland Complaint – The Tory ‘bullying’ claim

bbc scotland complaint

Below is a BBC Scotland complaint.  The complaint relates to coverage on BBC Scotland of an accusation levelled against the Scottish Government by the Scottish Tory party and the subsequent failure of BBC Scotland to provide similar coverage when the accusation was shown to be false.


On Nov 27th, the National Audit Office issued a press release in which it admitted making a mistake in a report it had released to the media thirteen days earlier. The NAO admitted that figures for basic rate income tax payers in Scotland had been overestimated in the report and that this was the reason the report had been pulled on 14th November.

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Source :  Indyref2.scot
Original Publication Date :  Dec 17, 2017
Article Link :  A BBC Scotland complaint – The Tory ‘bullying’ claim
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Image Source :  Pixabay

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