BBC Scotland’s Disclosure Series is not investigative journalism. Is it even journalism?

BBC Scotland Disclosure Seriesby Prof. John Robertson  |  Talking-Up Scotland  |  4 Dec 2018  |  Image :  Pixabay

As the BBC Wales investigative journalists exposed a violent white supremacist gang located in a small village, the BBC Scotland Disclosure Series team were visiting some sad people who had experience of living on an NHS Scotland waiting list.

However, the choice of topic is only the first reservation we need have, the nature of the reporting itself is, as will be illustrated, somewhat remote from any idea of investigative journalism but also, lacked many of the features of journalism in its most basic sense.

Perhaps, the team’s previous experience attempting to investigate the unethical transport of young calves to Spain (The Dark Side of Dairy! Bournville?) which resulted in them both using film of Hungarian calves being shipped onto Romanian ferries instead of Scottish calves being shipped onto Northern Ireland ferries (ref below) and, laughably, following the wrong lorry all the way to Spain, has caused them to try to play safe this time. Their other two ‘investigations’ in the series have gone for malpractice by one NHS surgeon and child abuse in one care home. Now why didn’t they fancy Dark Money, the DUP and the Scottish Tories?

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