BBC Scotland has contempt for its comedy audience

clown_890x500Colin Edwards attacks condescending and narrow-minded commissioners

It was a few years ago and after producing The Franz Kafka Big Band for BBC Radio Scotland and The Atrocity Machine for Channel 4 Radio, I was asked by BBC Scotland’s comedy department to submit a sitcom script that could be considered for Scottish TV.

Despite having not paid a licence in over 16 years since giving up watching mainstream television, I went off and wrote a pilot script, handed it in and a couple of weeks later was called in for a meeting to discuss it with an exec producer.

‘So Colin, we’ve read your script and it’s very good. It’s funny, well constructed and you’ve got a real ear for dialogue.’

‘Thanks.’ Being very pleased to get such feedback although I could easily see the massive ‘But…’ rearing its head over the horizon.

‘But we can’t put it forward for commission. Your script has some serious problems.’

‘Oh. What are they?”’

I was then informed that because I mentioned the names of not one but TWO philosophers that Ewan Angus, the head of comedy commissioning at BBC Scotland, would reject the script immediately because he would deem it ‘too intellectual for television’ and just bin it ….

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Author :  Colin Edwards
Source :  Chortle
Original Publication Date :  May 22, 2016
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