BBC Scotland look the other way as Labour and Tories collude to betray Scotland on fisheries bill

Fisheries Billby Prof. John Robertson  |  Talking-Up Scotland  |  17 Dec 2018  |  Image :  Pixabay

This appeared on Friday 14th. We’re grateful to reader Scott for alerting us to it. Here’s the main part:

‘Scottish Labour MP criticised for joining forces with the Tories to vote down a key amendment to the Fisheries Bill which would have required UK government ministers getting consent from Holyrood over fishing opportunities, rather than being able to bypass them.

As it stands, the Fisheries Bill would only require UK government ministers to inform and consult Scottish ministers but would give no meaningful say or veto to Holyrood over protecting Scotland’s fishing interests.

… The story has all the expected features of a headline story – national importance, contemporary relevance, shock, betrayal, hypocrisy. Journalists love that kind of thing, don’t they?

It hasn’t made any of the TV broadcasts to my knowledge and it fails to make the BBC Scotland News website today.

Read more here ….

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