BBC Scotland trying to influence general election result in Scotland

bbc scotlandIf there’s one thing worse than BBC Scotland’s institutional corruption, it’s arrogant reporters and presenters who treat licence payers like idiots.

Some weeks ago I had a spat with the Stanley Baxter lookalike that is Nick Eardley.  Eardley had written an article highlighting the Tory campaign against Angus Robertson in Moray.

I queried the wisdom of such a move, pointing out that it wasn’t the BBC’s job to highlight Tory target seats in what we already knew was a tactical voting contest in Scotland.  Below is a summary of the exchange.

That was BBC Scotland’s first foray into Moray as part of this general election campaign.  It wasn’t the last.  On May 15th Nick Eardley visited Moray to do an ‘item’ for BBC Scotland.  You can hear his radio report in the clip below ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  June 7, 2017
Article Link :  Angus Robertson versus BBC Scotland
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