Once more BBC Scotland reports selectively (lies) to damage Scotland’s reputation

BBC ScotlandHere are the headlines BBC Scotland chose:

 ‘Children in Scotland are amongst the unhealthiest in Europe according to a review by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.’

 ‘It says poverty is the main cause.’

 ‘It accuses the governments of all four home nations of failing to focus on their needs.’

 (BBC Scotland News, 26.1.17 (between 06.25 to 09.05am)

 I’m not going to argue with the first two points but I am going to argue about the third. It’s a lie. I can find nowhere in any part of the RCPCH documents any ‘accusation’ against the Scottish government. Indeed the word ‘accusation’ is not anywhere in the full report. There is no use of the words ‘fail’ or ‘failure’ and only one of ‘failing’ but only in the context of breastfeeding. Here, rather than any accusation are the key actions recommended. Note carefully the references to phenomena not really UK wide and which begin the possible process in a responsible news agency of informing the Scottish audience more accurately ….

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Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Thought Control Scotland
Original Publication Date :  Jan 26, 2017
Article Link :  Once more BBC Scotland reports selectively ….
Archive Link :  Archive.is
Image source :  Pixabay


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