BBC Scotland LIES about ‘systemic problems’ as Police and Fire reform leads to actual and major benefits

Police and Fire Reformby Talking-Up Scotland  |  25 Mar 2019  | 

The report does not use the word ‘systemic’ to indicate any deep, pervasive, problem, at all.

It’s not a word you bandy around unless you can really back it up with hard evidence. Only Justice committee convener Margaret Mitchell MSP (Conservative & Unionist) uses that word in an interview. The headline is simply a lie.

From the Holyrood Justice Committee report:

A review into the 2012 Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act – one of the biggest transformations of a public service since devolution – has concluded that, despite challenges, the reform has led to greater consistency of service across Scotland. This has particularly benefitted victims of crimes such as domestic or sexual abuse. Unification has also resulted in more equal access to specialist capabilities and support across both Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, two new reports from Holyrood’s Justice Committee have revealed. This has helped in areas such as more complex serious crime and extreme events.’

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