BBC Scotland – Making up the news



What’s the laziest way to create a political news story? Asking a politician a controversial question and headlining the answer would be near the top. Check out my last article on the ‘Brexit Veto’ scam to see how that one works.

Another would be the headlining of a statement issued on behalf of a political party. The press release requires little effort on the part of the journalist. The party in question either accuses, pledges or hits back.

My own favourite is the Freedom of Information [FoI] request. Fire off a few of these each week and you might get lucky with a response. Even banal and matter of fact answers to FoI requests can be manipulated and repackaged as controversial revelations. Just such a story emerged on Thursday courtesy of our old friends at BBC Scotland ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  23 Jul 2016
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