BBC Scotland reporting – mistranslation, invention, and arrogance

BBC ScotlandOn April 2nd a story hit the headlines.  Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis confirmed that Spain would not oppose a newly independent Scotland’s membership of the European Union.

Dastis had been giving an interview to Spanish newspaper El Pais.  He was asked about the Brexit process and then specifically about Scotland.

He replied:

“It will leave the European Union with the United Kingdom: everything else will have to wait. Spain doesn’t like the idea of EU member states fragmenting.

“That said, if in the application of its laws, the result of the process was to divide the United Kingdom, any part of the United Kingdom that became a state and wanted to join the EU would have to request membership and follow the steps that are already stipulated.”

Asked if Spain would block a newly independent Scotland’s EU access, Dastis replied “In principle, I don’t see us blocking it.”  Alfonso Dastis made no further comment about Scotland with respect to the European Union.

Below is one of several BBC Scotland news bulletins that were broadcast that day ….

If I didn’t know better I’d say someone at BBC Scotland went looking for anything they could use that would lessen the pro-independence value of Dastis’ ‘No Veto’ comments ….

Read more here ….


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Original Publication Date :  Apr 16, 2017
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