BBC Scotland News shoring up the Union with endless layers of supportive repetition

BBC Scotlandby Prof. John Robertson  |  Talking-Up Scotland  |  11 Dec 2018  |  Image :  Pixabay

Six times this morning from 06:27, as viewers are at their most susceptible to psychological conditioning, the BBC Scotland insert in the Breakfast show headlines:

The Prime Minister will begin an emergency dash around European capitals in an effort to save her Brexit deal. A crucial vote was called off at the last minute yesterday as the government knew it couldn’t win. Now the opposition will hold an emergency debate as the hothouse atmosphere at Westminster continues.’

Then, against the background images of the PM leaving No.10, we hear more from ‘our correspondent’ that we have already heard minutes before in the broadcast.

‘The Prime minister, our prime minister. The government, our government. The opposition, our opposition.’ Add slowly, stir thoroughly then allow to settle.

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