Good Morning Scotland’s newspaper ‘review’ is bias by proxy


…. The Scotsman is a pro-Union publication.  Its front page was taken up with a story that attacked independence.  Good Morning Scotland presenter Hayley Millar gives quite a lengthy summary of the story.

The story – covered by the BBC the day before – was based on a report from the Fraser of Allander Institute.

What listeners aren’t told is that the research was commissioned by the UK Government.

The story was a piece of quite blatant electoral propaganda ….

The nature of the press in Scotland, with its overwhelming pro-Union leaning, means that pro-Union narratives will dominate.

This in turn means that BBC Scotland, in terms of newspaper coverage, will indirectly promote a pro-Union line.  It is bias by proxy.

BBC Scotland has an obligation to maintain neutrality.  It can move some way to achieving this by ditching these newspaper reviews ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Apr 22, 2017
Article Link :  Good Morning Scotland’s newspaper ‘review’ is bias by proxy 
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