BBC Scotland: Politically neutral. What do you think?

BBC ScotlandThe following article centres on three broadcasts that appeared on BBC Scotland this weekend.  It includes an interview, a newspaper review and a news bulletin.

The article briefly analyses each broadcast, or segment thereof, and invites the reader to consider whether the broadcast fits with the stated aim of the BBC to be politically neutral.  See what you think.

On Saturday morning, BBC Scotland presenter Gordon Brewer was conducting an interview with Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole Hamilton.  Midway through the interview Brewer asked the following question:

“I’m slightly confused by the views of the Liberal Democrats on the timing of a possible referendum.  Nick Clegg said yesterday there should be no fatwah as he put it against independence which appeared to be saying that the UK government ought to authorise the SNP government in Scotland to have a referendum whenever it likes …”

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Mar 12, 2017
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