BBC Scotland, Question Time and Kaye Adams



Did you watch Question Time this week?  It was broadcast from Dundee.  Not the one on the east coast of Scotland, but some other mythical place inhabited by people who have never looked over the River Tay.

It was billed as ‘Scottish’ edition of Question Time.  These days applying the word ‘Scottish’ to any BBC current affairs show usually means it’s going to be an SNP bashing exercise.  That’s exactly what this edition of Question Time was.

Suspicious audience members, who turned out to be former Labour party candidates, posed as ‘concerned’ ordinary members of the public.  SNP MSP John Swinney faced a pincer-like attack from a panel rigged to favour Unionists by a ratio of two-to-one.  Despite being broadcast from Dundee, there was nary a local accent to be heard.

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Original Publication Date :  Mar 13, 2016
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