BBC Scotland say the English were to blame in 2014 too!

BBCby Talking-Up Scotland  |  17 Mar 2019  | 

In the next episode of Yes/No: Inside the Indyref, Brian Little, referring to English colleagues who came up to Scotland in 2014, will make the explosive claim:

‘I’m not cynical about [BBC DNA] that but I was quite surprised by some of my colleagues failing to understand their own assumption that the Yes side was wrong. He added that some colleagues thought that our responsibility was to produce a series of pieces to demonstrate how foolish it would be to vote Yes.’

I don’t doubt Little’s evidence is genuinely recalled, but it is anecdotal and from a BBC bubble insider with emotional ties to the BBC in Scotland predisposing him to look elsewhere for fault.

Today, with Gordon Brewer, on Sunday Politics (Scotland), we hear the same narrative being developed to counter the conspiracy theories suggesting BBC Scotland was institutionally biased against the Yes campaign.

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