BBC Scotland says ‘Broken Ankle Man’ item was “fair, accurate and impartial”

Broken Ankle ManBBC Scotland has defended a news item dubbed Broken Ankle Man insisting it was “fair, accurate and impartial”.

The organisation also accused a licence payer who complained about the broadcast of basing a complaint “on the way in which different programmes cut their clips”.

The issue relates to a major news story that appeared across BBC Scotland platforms on January 9th this year. Coverage centred on a man who had apparently broken his ankle and had endured an extensive delay before receiving the required treatment at his local A&E department. The story dominated BBC Scotland radio, online and TV coverage.

The complaint accused BBC Scotland of misleading viewers by making it appear as though the man had initially spoken to qualified hospital staff, when in fact he had spoken to a receptionist.  The complaint also highlighted key edits to the Reporting Scotland interview which masked the truth of both his initial injury diagnoses and the treatment delay he had endured.

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Publication Date :  Feb 27, 2018

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