The Question Time format is discredited and needs to be binned

BBC Scotlandby  |  24  Feb 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

The latest controversy to hit BBC Scotland involves an apparent favouring of pro-Union groups when seeking invites for audience places on the new digital channel’s debate programme.

… BBC Scotland has been on the run ever since and appears to have given less than honest answers to The National as the paper continues to pursue the now widely discredited broadcaster.  There’s little doubt that BBC Scotland has allowed the process of audience selection to be corrupted.

… The independence referendum was thick with loud Unionist rants masquerading as questions and rapturous applause accompanying each and every questionable claim.

… But even if BBC Scotland was to amend its audience selection process to eliminate this pro-Union corruption, would living room audiences be any better served?  The answer is no.  Studio audiences, balanced or otherwise, are part of the problem.

… Audiences aren’t necessary when seeking to examine issues and obtain explanation of a party’s stance from its elected politicians. They are only necessary when seeking to push an agenda.

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