BBC Scotland is undermining Scotland’s democratically elected government.

BBC Scotland….  BBC Scotland is engaging in the act of undermining Scotland’s democratically elected government. The broadcaster is ignoring the result of the general election and, instead of acknowledging the mandate of the winning party, it is promoting the demands of the parties that lost.

Running in parallel with this attempt to delegitimise the result of both the 2016 Scottish election and last week’s general election is a glorification of Ruth Davidson who led her party to defeat in that general election.

The veneration of Ruth Davidson has reached hysteria levels at BBC Scotland. The corporation has bestowed on her a status afforded only heads of government.

Footage of her smiling triumphantly as she left Downing Street led Reporting Scotland on Monday. Presenter Jackie Bird told viewers: “The Scottish Conservative leader attends Cabinet at Downing Street and says the government’s position on Brexit must change.” ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
Source :
Original Publication Date :  June 14, 2017
Article Link :  Unaccountable and out of control
Image Source :  Bob the Lomond on Flickr, Creative Commons
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